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We have a beautiful Midi Theremin for sale and we are shipping to Australia, UK, Canada, Europe, USA and more. If you are considering to buy a Theremin, please take a closer look at our Midi Theremin ...

midi theremin for sale

 o Standalone Stereo Theremin

 o MIDI Theremin Controller

 o MIDI Drum Trigger Interface

 o Unique Finger Drum Theremin

 o Theremin Controlled 24 db Filter

 o Theremin Controlled Ring Modulator

 o Automatic Tune and Stabilise

The Midi Theremin in a "nutshell" :

We are exited to introduce you to a revolutionary approach to an old theme. We have re-invented this almost ancient electronic musical instrument and brought it into the 21 century. Using the power of modern electronics, we have unlocked new frontiers and enable you to make creative music in a new way.

Our Midi Theremin is more than just a simple Theremin:

(1) It can be played like a normal Theremin producing audio from a variety of build in oscillators, wave-forms and modulators, to create a multitude of different sounds and effects.

(2) It is also a very flexible Theremin Midi-controller. It is capable of producing a stream of midi messages like pitch-bend-messages, control-messages and note-on/off messages to control other midi-capable instruments or samplers. Using a "trigger-pad" , the Midi Theremin becomes a percussion instrument that can trigger samples and modulate them accurately in various ways.

(3) The Wave Theremin can also be used as a theremin controlled filter and ring-modulator, processing signals from the audio input or internal generators and sending the resulting wave forms to the audio output. The ladder-style self-oscillating 24 dB resonant filter is one of our favorite, allowing you to "play harmonics" in a new way.

The Finger Drum mode (piezo trigger pad)

A note from the designer:

Obviously this Theremin is more geared towards the "electronic music experimentalist" (like myself) and the Techno performer, and therefore demands it's own niche in the market (Sorry all you Theremin-Purists out there). Having one hand occupied with accurately controlling the pitch, leaves the other hand free to create improvised rhythms or to adjust all those parameters i.e. octave skipping, auto-trigger and volume etc...

Friendly Regards, Horst Gruhle, Design Engineer.

Midi Theremin

The Midi Theremin - main features at a glance:

Stereo Theremin

Play up to 3 notes at the same time with over eight different wave forms from a perfect Sinewave to traditional rectified Sinewave, Triangle, Squarewave and more.

Panorama Theremin Sound

Create your individual Theremin sound by using 2 additional oscillators to add 'sub-harmonics' and 'overtones' to your main oscillator. Pan the sub-harmonics and overtones to the left / right to obtain a rich panorama theremin sound. Adjust each oscillator volume to create the perfect harmonic balance.

Build in effects

The Theremin has a Tremolo/Auto-trigger and a gate/envelope follower build in.

Midi Theremin
Theremin controlled 24dB Filter (Resonance)

Self oscillating, ladder style, 24 dB filter with individual Low-pass, Band-pass and High-pass stereo outputs, level and pan for each output. Use the build in oscillators (needle, square, saw) and/or external signal to feed into the filter input.

Theremin controlled 24dB Filter (Noise)

24 dB filter as described above. Use the build in noise generators (crackle, noise, white noise) and/or external signal to feed into the filter input.

Theremin controlled Ring Modulator (Modulate)

3 theremin controlled carrier waves (sine, triangle, square), each generating a stereo output signal with volume and pan for each output. Use the build in oscillators (needle, square, triangle) and/or external signal to feed into the ring modulator input. The combined input signals are then ring modulated with each carrier wave (sine, triangle, square) and the resulting output signals are mixed together to create a rich stereo sound.

Midi Theremin
Midi Theremin

Take advantage of the endless range of synthetic sounds, sampled sounds and instruments, available on existing keyboards, samplers and software sound-generators. Play the sounds like a Theremin, a touch less keyboard or like a drum with pitch-bend and more.

Midi Theremin controller

Control a vast array of Keyboards, computer software-sound-generators and other instruments (i.e. Tracktion, FL7, NI Reactor etc. ) using MIDI Note-ON/OFF, Pitchbend and 14 bit control-messages.

Finger Drum Theremin

Using a Drum Trigger Pad, you can trigger analog and midi sounds by just lightly tapping your finger on the pad and then control the sound with the theremin. The perfect electronic finger drum with ultra fast response and excellent accuracy for pitch and velocity control.

Midi Theremin
Manual trigger button

The trigger button allows you to pulse theremin sounds when the output is muted or to trigger midi-notes while playing the Theremin.

Antenna Auto Tune and Stabilise

The Theremin automatically tunes itself within seconds at the push of a button. When Auto re-tune is enabled, it will try to keep the tuning stable automatically and compensate for temperature changes etc...

Adjustable linear Pitch Range

The Theremin's pitch range is linear and fully adjustable for each instrument setting

Other features:
  • Huge theremin frequency-range from 1 Hz to over 15 KHz.
  • Extreme settings for circuit-bending style operation.
  • Plug in your guitar, microphone, keyboard etc.

  • Extra high durability Trigger-Switch and Rotary-Knobs.
  • Very high durability Toggle-Switches, Pots and Connectors.
  • Save and recall your settings.

  • Theremins handmade from Polished or powder-coated Aluminium.
  • Wooden sides made from Australian Spotted Gum and Tasmanian Oak.
  • Removable antenna rod.

  • Boom mountable.

To get an idea of the history of this Midi Theremin, please read   The history of the Wave Theremin . From there on, the   FAQ   is always a good read. Next stop on your journey of discovery would be the   Video Tutorial of the Wave Theremin   and for more detailed information please read the   Introduction to the Wave Theremin To buy this Midi Theremin online, go to our "buy a Theremin now" page. You may also purchase the Midi Theremin on ebay (if we have anything listed).

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