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Analog Output:

In this section of the tutorial we will show you the audio aspect of the Theremin.

1.1 The basic operation of the Theremin

  • Instrument select switch
  • A/B switch
  • Main parameter (octave, tone, volume)

1.2 The generators and the MIX section

  • Pure sine sound...
  • Vol, pan, tone, fade, pitch

1.3 How to set up the panorama sound

  • Pure sine sound...
  • Panorama sound (vol, pan)
  • A/B switch

1.4 The Tremolo function

  • Rectified sine sound...
  • Tremolo function (intensity/OFF, waveform, speed)
  • Mute / trigger button

1.5 The gate / envelope follower

  • Pure sine sound...
  • Gate function - piezzo trigger ( Gain/OFF, decay)

1.6 Odd harmonics and aliasing sounds

1.7 The effects of Pitch-Granularity

MIDI Output:

In this this section of the tutorial we will show you the MIDI aspect of the Theremin.

2.0 Midi program change

3.0 The Piano mode

3.1 The Piano mode: Glissanto (Air Harp)

4.0 The Pitch-Bend mode

4.1 The Pitch-Bend mode used with external keyboard

4.2 The Pitch-Bend manual trigger

4.3 The Pitch-Bend auto trigger

5.0 The Finger Drum mode (piezo trigger pad)

6.0 Control-message mode (no videos yet)

  • Set up Control-message mode
  • Control filter in FL7 loop etc...

7.0 Setting up the Theremin (no videos yet)

  • Initial setup,
  • Tune antenna,
  • Range adjust,
  • Re-tune
  • Tune A440
  • Global A/B ...

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