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Kick-starting the Theremin:

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To set up the Theremin:

Connect Leads

Connect a mono or stereo lead to the Theremin output and hook up midi and external trigger (input) as required.

Connect Power

Use the 12 VDC (400 mA) power supply (as supplied) and connect it to the 12 Volt D/C input of the Theremin first, then connect the switch-mode power supply to your power point.

Connect Theremin Antenna

If you have not plugged in the antenna yet, the antenna LED's (blue) will be flashing until the antenna has been plugged in. You will also notice the red status LED flashing slowly, waiting for you to initiate the auto-tune process.

Start Antenna Auto Tune

After the Theremin has been setup where you intend to play it (preferably away from any metal objects and noisy electrical equipment) and the antenna has been plugged in, push the red trigger button next to the red status LED, to start the antenna auto tune procedure. The red status LED now stays ON (no flashing) until the auto-tune cycle is completed.

Wait until Completed

Once auto-tune has been started, you have one second to move away from the antenna. The antenna LED's will turn ON and after a few seconds the status LED will turn OFF, indicating that tuning has been completed successfully. (NOTE: If the instrument select knob is accidentally set to 'SETUP' the LED will flash fast after the tuning has been completed successfully).

Auto Retune Theremin Antenna

The Theremin may need some time to stabilize after the initial antenna tuning. We recommend to have the Auto Retune switch turned ON (up position) and to allow the Theremin to settle in for 5 minutes or as required. (Ideally move away from the antenna for a while)

Unsuccessful Tuning

If the LED is still flashing slowly - the antenna could not be tuned correctly. Check if the correct antenna has been inserted fully into the antenna socket, maybe rotate the antenna in the socket once or twice, in case some corrosion has build up on the antenna or the connector. Check for any interfering objects etc ... Push trigger button again.

Making the first sounds with the Wave-Theremin:

Initial Setup:

  • Point the Wave-select knob (INSTRUMENT) to 'Sine' and
  • Set the Mode-knob (GLOBAL) to position 'Main'.
  • Make sure the 'Mute' switch is in the UP position (audio on).
  • Turn all 3 potentiometer knobs (Volume,Tone,Octave) to 12 o'clock.
  • You should be hearing some sound when approaching the Theremin antenna.

No sound yet ?

If you can't hear anything yet, try to use the build in tuner
to generate a Sine-wave of approx 440 Hz:

  • Point the Wave-select knob (INSTRUMENT) to 'SETUP'
  • The red status LED is now flashing fast.
  • Set the Mode-knob to position 'Pitch' (MIX).
  • Push the red 'Trigger' button next to the LED
  • Adjust the volume of the tuner.
  • You should be hearing a sine-wave 440 Hz
  • You can 'fine-tune' the oscillator frequency with the 'Tone' knob

Still no sound yet ?    Is the Amp turned ON ?   Audio lead buggered ?

Antenna Retune:   (To retune the antenna during use)

  • Point the Wave-select knob (INSTRUMENT) to 'SETUP' .
  • The red status LED is now flashing fast.
  • Set the Mode-knob to position 'Auto-Tune' (GLOBAL).
  • Push the red 'Trigger' button next to the LED.
  • Step back and wait for tuning to finish.
  • Check tuning: you should hear a sine wave when
    approaching the Theremin antenna.

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