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The Wave Theremin - How it all began ... back then in 1998

when I was still doing live sound in the smoke filled pubs of Melbourne, we started making the first Theremin's (wooden frame, covered in black velvet, top and bottom made from checkered aluminium plates). It didn't take long before the idea of a Theremin controlled midi device started to occupy my mind.

The temptation was to strong and in early 1999 I had the first proto type going (see highlighted section in image below). We used two external small Theremin's to feed into the Midi Theremin. We also had two trigger inputs (one for each Theremin) to allow for a percussion mode of operation, and a number of foot switches allowed us to change the midi instrument and other settings whilst playing the Theremin.

Horst Musical Instruments

James Cargill of Cargill custom guitars was kind enough to make us two beautiful drum-triggers (Thank You, James) which we used to trigger the two Theremin's with (pitch/pitch mode).

The moog style rotary knob allowed the selection of several algorithms i.e. one Theremin would control volume, the other pitch. We did also experiment with pitch/pitch style of control and auto-trigger/pitch style, where one Theremin would control the speed with which notes where played and the other Theremin would control the pitch. The true potential of the Midi Theremin started to become more and more apparent.

One evening when we had a few people over for drinks, I showed my latest creation to the composer Brendan Colbert   who also has a keen interest in modern music. He managed to get me into contact with Thomas Reiner , associate Professor at Monash Uni and we ended up doing a small experimental session with Re-Sound using the Midi Theremin, piano, violin and some other instruments ... (Thank You Thomas). The outcome of this was very encouraging and led to further experimentation with the Midi Theremin.

Inspired by all this, one evening, I hooked up 'triple R' to the Midi Theremin trigger-inputs and recorded several improvised takes, by changing trigger thresholds whilst trying to control the two pitch Theremin's all at the same time, then mixed it down a little and came up with this little piece of experimental music Midi Theremin improvisation by Horst (C) 2003 (a-rhythmic sound scape - an acquired taste - but try to see the potential :)

Unfortunately, technology needed to advance a little more (and also my bank account balance) and after some years, in 2008, the seed was planted to design the next generation of Midi Theremin. After two years of hard work and little income, we present to you 'The Wave Theremin' .

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