Midi Theremin for sale

buy moog ethervox theremin alternative    To place your order, contact us via email:   horst[at]wave-theremin.com

We currently have one Theremin for sale. This is a "Limited Edition" Theremin, made in small quantities only. Please contact us to enquire about price, availability and shipping. All Theremins of the limited edition series are hand made in Australia, by Qualified Craftsman and to very high standards. To secure your Midi Theremin today, place your order now and upon receipt of your deposit, your Theremin will be reserved for you and shipped when ready. We operate on a "first payed, first served" basis.

P.S: in the email address, replace [at] with @ of course :)

If you don't get a response from us within 48 hours (usually within 24 hours) then we most likely didn't receive your email. Try sending your request to our: alternative email address

Take advantage of our Video Tutorial (You Tube Videos) and get a preview of what your Theremin can do !

The Wave Theremin:

Video of the Wave Theremin - The effects of Pitch-Granularity (with tremolo).

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